Global Health: Biology, Medicine and Public Health in the Tropics

This is a companion course with Health, Belief and Ethnomedicine in Belize or Large Animal Veterinary Practices in the Tropics for a four week program. Alternatively you can pair this course with a medical internship please contact us for more details.

Study Health in Belize

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Study Global Health in BelizeThis course explores the intersections of economics, health, medicine and social development in the Tropics, with Belize as the focus. The objective of this course is to provide students with knowledge and insight into epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of tropical diseases.  Emphasis is placed on the scientific, intercultural, and social aspects of global health, tropical medicine, public health, and ethno-biology in these subjects.   Students will also examine policy issues and determinants of public health and health policy in international health, and acquire an introduction to tropical infectious diseases and review the strategies used to treat these diseases in resource-limited settings.   


Finally, students will learn to situate health in its wider soStudy Health in Belizecial, economic and political context and acquire a basic understanding of the intimate, bi-directional relationship between health and development processes.  Instruction focuses on field-based, hands-on learning. Lectures, readings from primary literature, and discussions are also integral components of the program and provide the conceptual framework for discussion, analysis, and interpreting field observations and findings.

This course will consider tropical diseases and medicine by certain key categories: geography, vectors and the route of infection (portal of entry) providing students with a broad overview of the major issues and diseases in tropical climates.

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Day 1 Introduction to the course
Day 2 Healthcare in a developing country, including talks and tour of a local hospital.
Day 3 Who gets sick and why. Visit to a medicinal garden
Day 4 Disease Vectors: Local controls, Lab, and trip to local office in hospital
Day 5 Disease Vectors 2: Visit to BAHA
Day 6
Communicable diseases; lab and visit to community health center
Day 7 Control of disease: outbreak, prevention, vaccinations and education
Day 8 Public Health Policy; visit international health care organizations
Day 9 Health and disease in the "south"
Day 10 Final Exams and Presentations
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